What Is Metaphysical Counseling?

The word Metaphysics, a combination of two words, comes from Ancient Greece.  Meta means over, or beyond and physics refers to the physical/material world. A metaphysical definition can be expressed in many ways.

Basically, the word refers to the science of life that transcends the material world. In the common way of speaking, metaphysics definitions about life may be considered religious, spiritual, or possibly philosophical, depending on the person asking them.

When it comes to metaphysical counseling, metaphysical coaching or spiritual coaching, you are probably seeking someone who can guide you to become familiar with spiritual growth and development.

Helping you to understand the nature of being and awareness of personal thoughts. Finding purpose in our human existence.  Dealing with the basic questions of life: Who Am I?  What Am I?  Where have I been. One can discover he/she is not a victim of circumstance.  Metaphysical Counseling can help to enrich your life to meet your full potential. Laurie has been a facilitator in a Course In Miracles