Don’t know what direction your life needs to go?  You may need a life coach.

A Life Transformational Consultant can be a compass getting you through the sometimes stormy seas of life. You’ll learn coping skills that help you make better decisions when faced with serious challenges.

“If what you’re doing is not your passion, you have nothing to lose.” – Author unknown

Sometimes, the right path isn’t always that obvious. But, with the help of a life coach you can finally find yourself moving along the road that leads to your true happiness.

A Life Transformational Consultant helps you focus on your goals while also taking into account limitations you may temporarily or permanently have in your personal life. Your coach factors in things holding you back and helps you work with them so you CAN become a success.

“Use what talents you possess, the woods will be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best.” -Henry van Dyke

Do you believe you can’t change your own life? If so, a transformational life coach can help overcome

these self-limiting thoughts and habits that keep you stuck.

Do You Need a Transformational Life Coach?

Are you in a life transition? Struggling to make the best decisions for your life path? Are you interested in improving your relationship with yourself and others? Then a Life Transformational Consultation is the place to start.

Exercise To Make Better Decisions

Here’s one exercise that can help you make better decisions. Take out a piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle to make two columns. What situation are you currently facing regarding a change that may initially seem scary? Let’s say you are facing standing up more often for yourself. If this seems like a good topic, get out that paper with two columns on it.

Over one column write the words “reasons to stand up for myself more often.” Over the second column write the heading “reasons to NOT stand up for myself more often.” Now, set a timer and write for ten minutes. Whatever comes to your mind, even things that sound ridiculous, just put them on the paper.

As your mind comes up with answers that fit both columns, as appropriate, write the answers in each column. Usually, at the end of the exercise, you will have revealed to your conscious mind what has been hidden in your subconscious mind. It is in your subconscious mind that holds all fears, worries and misunderstandings about life. And those fears, worries and misunderstandings hold you back in life.

Now, just for the moment, put the paper in a drawer. Ask your mind, “Why do I want to feel comfortable being who I want to really be?” Then, let your mind go about helping you get through your transition. Don’t consciously think about the answer, just ask the question and then go about your business. There is a search engine part of your brain that works with your mind. Simply by asking the right questions in the right way your mind will search for answers that ONLY make the questions true.

This simple exercise can have profound results. Working with my clients using proven strategies that help you comfortably get through life’s many transitions, you begin to see what it feels like to act in a desired direction. And, you no longer feel like you have to hold yourself back.

The greatest work you will ever enjoy is being true to yourself. However, the world keeps suggesting for us to live co-dependently on materialistic things. The materialistic way of living is not a sincerely happy way to live life. But, tapping into your inner mind full of wisdom is. It is by accomplishing desire goals that my clients realize their greatest success in life is being who they really want to be.  By relying on inner wisdom they progress in their lives. So, if you are ready to work through the transitions in your situations, career and relationships I am here to help you through it.

You no longer have to be alone on your journey in life. You have a coach that can help you create a plan and work that plan to be who you’ve always wanted to be. I look forward to working with you soon.