Many different hypnosis methods exist.  One such method for working with clients is called 5-PATH® Hypnotherapy. This reliable process helps you achieve your personal and professional goals.  The following describes what happens in a typical hypnosis session with your professionally trained 5-PATH® hypnotist:

  • You receive a comprehensive “pre-talk” about the issue or goal you desire to achieve during the first part of your session. During the “pre-talk” you receive educational hypnosis facts based in truth.
  • You will interact with your hypnotist in a “pre-hypnosis interview.” During this time, you reveal and share your session goals.  The hypnotist listens and understands your desires and creates a goal achievement plan.  Following the plan, you and your hypnotist create a session strategy that works to help you best reach your desired session goals.
  • During the session, your hypnotist uses an effective, modern, gentle way to guide you into a relaxed hypnotic mindset. You will feel completely aware of your surroundings during your session.  Using this modern way of creating and enjoying the natural hypnotic state of relaxed awareness, you quickly, efficiently and effectively achieve your session goals.
  • Your hypnotist ensures that you will reach the level of hypnosis for the kind of work you will be doing together. Each person can experience many different levels of relaxed awareness hypnosis.  With your professionally trained hypnotist guiding you, you can be assured of experiencing the best possible session effectiveness.  Using different testing techniques, your hypnotist will provide proof of your being hypnotized.  Once you achieve the appropriate hypnosis level, it is then that the real work begins toward achieving your desired goals.
  • Your hypnotist customizes each hypnosis session for you using the 5-PATH® Hypnosis System. Many different techniques exist to help you during the session.  Your hypnotist will use at least one and probably more techniques to help you achieve your goals.  Some techniques include using the right inductions, deepening techniques, suggestions and other hypnosis processes, techniques and methods to help each client experience maximum session outcomes.
  • Using the proven effective 5-PATH® Hypnosis System, you and your hypnotist work together as a session team. You move through the process together, transforming any old, self-limiting or self-sabotaging beliefs, memories or ideas causing you to hold yourself back from living life in an uplifting, positive way. After you feel empowered, you can experience a life changing effect of your session, often as a permanent behavior change for you.

I encourage you to ask any additional questions about the 5-PATH® Hypnosis System.  When we work together, know that you are working with one of the world’s best trained hypnosis professionals.