Using Your Intuition for Good

Have you ever felt a gut feeling and followed it? What happened? Or, did you feel a gut feeling and ignore it? What happened? When you get gut feelings, that’s your intuition talking to you. Do you know how to use your intuition for good? If not, read on. You’ll discover some ideas about using your intuition for good to attract to you a very prosperous life.

Metaphysics and Intuition

Each of us is actually two beings in one. First and foremost, we are all spiritual beings. And, we are having a human experience. That means when we finish our human experience we don’t die. Instead, we simply come out of our physical bodies and go back to living in a spiritual realm of existence. That, in a nutshell is what happens when we are done with our adventure here on earth.

Your spiritual self, also called your inner, high wisdom uses your intuitive ability to guide you while you are here on earth. Let me explain our dual beingness a little more simply.

Imagine that you currently on a vacation trip. On this trip you are experiencing what life is like while playing the role of a human. On earth, you are role playing what humans think, do and say. And, you are learning all about the human culture. This is different than living as a spirit in the spirit world. In the spirit world the rules and the physics are much different than the earth life way of living. And that is what life is all about. Two ways of role playing and two worlds in which we live.

When you go on a vacation, you focus on having fun, relaxing, doing new and different things…things YOU like to do. You are like an adventurer, an explorer while you are on vacation. It’s a lot of fun to rest, relax and have fun. And that’s what is possible while you live in the human world. According to the choices you make when your intuition prompts you, you could be a millionaire or struggle financially. It’s all in how much faith and trust you have in the Divine directions that are provided for you if you will listen and follow them.

Choosing To Follow Your Spiritual Intuition

When you recognize you are a spiritual being, you are living in the world of metaphysics. It’s like being on a vacation every day, all the time. And when everything is always lovely, believe it or not, THAT can get boring. So, the Divine Universe in all its wisdom created the opportunity to develop your soul’s skills by giving you a chance at experiencing what it’s like to live in the human world. This is done through your human experiences.

Living in a spiritual world is much different than living in a physical world. In a physical world you live with competitive humans. And sometimes the human part of you feels stressed or excited about those human interactions and relationships. When you feel overwhelmed, stressed or too excited, you long for living back in the spiritual world. It is during these overstimulating human interactions that if you listen to your intuition guiding you to do what’s best for your soul, you act in your own best and highest good.

So listening to and following direction from your intuition is like having insider knowledge about life situations and relationships. Following your gut feelings (intuition) when you ask for help from the Divine world that immortally sustains you, you live in prosperity.

As a human, you have choices to make everyday. You could go to an amusement park on your vacation and pay $80/day per person if that fits your budget. Or, you could choose to go on a family picnic and pay about $50 for a family of 4 if you bring your own food and picnic essentials.

And life on earth as a human is like that…made up of risk and choices. When you don’t know the best choice to make, you can quiet yourself and ask your intuition to prompt you for your highest good. Follow it and you open a world of prosperity up to you.

If you need more clarity on spiritual counseling, I provide metaphysical or spiritual counseling as well as other types of coaching to help you be your happiest self. You can get in touch with your gut feelings and follow them to have the answer for your highest good. Listen and act on those spiritual prompts. You’ll be amazed at the prosperous life you can live!