Think positivev

Think Positive About Life

Think positive! You’ve heard that saying before. But how to motivate yourself to think positive…that’s the trick! Especially when you hear such negativity all around you. The key to thinking more hopefully is choosing and committing to thinking that way. That’s right. The thoughts you think are the only things YOU control. So, when you want to know how to think positive, it comes from within.

Think Positive About Possibilities

Don’t know what steps to take next in your life? Think positive about the possibilities. You gain life success through a positive mental attitude. Here’s something you can do right now to help you think about wonderful life possibilities.

Take out a piece of paper and write down a goal, using an exact description of what you want to do. You know, write out the goal you want to achieve.

Next, draw a line down the middle of the paper so you can make two columns. On the top of one columns write the heading “Why I want to achieve this one goal.” On top of the second column, write the heading, “Why I do NOT want to achieve this one goal.” Keep writing in answer to the statements over each column heading. This exercise helps you reveal the benefits of achieving this one goal. The answers to the positive are going to move you forward in life. These are the ideas to think positively about.

The ideas why you do NOT want to achieve the goal are just distractions. Treat them with disinterest and focus on thinking positively about the possibilities in the first column.

For the ones that keep distracting you, seek out the help of a professional hypnotherapist. He or she can help you resolve the thoughts that keep holding you back from achieving your goal.

Focusing on Impossibilities Is Learned Behavior

Turn off the TV and the radio. The advertisements, the news, the weather all keep hopelessness stirred up in your mind. Those ideas flooding your mind keep you focused on the IMpossibilities. When you think pessimistically instead of optimistically (positively) you waste time in worry. Worry is largely a useless emotion because it keeps you stuck from achieving your goals.

Each Behavior Begins First By Thinking a Thought

You are the only one who can think your thoughts. When you are focusing on the idea that you CAN’T do what you’d like to do, most likely you are thinking pessimistically. Some people don’t even know when they are thinking positively. If you are unaware when you are thinking critically or judgmentally, you cannot begin to facilitate the necessary change to think and thus behave differently.

A hypnotherapist is trained to help people become aware of how they are thinking their thoughts. Many people complain about how sorry their lot in life is. This is an example of pessimistic thinking. Pessimistic thinking is a habit that takes the joy out of life. If you are stuck in mental pessimism you are unsure about achieving goals. So, here are a two examples of pessimistic thinking:

You want to workout to become more physically fit but you think or say out loud you don’t know how to motivate yourself to workout. The positive, optimistic way to think about working out would simply be to think and say, “I know how to motivate myself to workout. It begins by taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator. Or, it begins by taking the elevator part of the way and the stairs the rest of the way.” Then, acknowledge your achievement. Give yourself credit for your accomplishment.

You want to lose some excess weight to become more physically fit. However, changing your habits requires you to change your attitude. That means getting out of your comfort zone and your brain likes the familiar. It’s how we feel secure in what we do.

Initially you think or say out loud you don’t know how to lose weight. The positive, optimistic way to think about losing weight would simply be to think and say, “I know how to motivate myself to lose weight. I choose to think positively about losing weight. It is my choice.” Then, acknowledge your choice to lose weight. Again, give yourself credit for your accomplishment which is changed thinking.

You no longer have to be alone in achieving your goals. Let’s work together to help you be who you want to be. Keep going forward by thinking positively on your journey to living the life you really want to live.