What is Hypnosis?

If you are a human, you think. You can either think clearly or in confused ways. When you focus intently on an idea, you activate your nervous system in a unique way. It is very natural to relax and focus on what you are thinking. But, it also SEEEMS natural to sometimes feel upset as you focus on an idea.

Hypnosis Is A Natural Nervous System Phenomenon

Almost anytime you express a strong emotion as you think you are naturally engaging in a common and normal nervous system phenomenon. Do you know what this phenomenon is called? It is called hypnosis!

If you polled a group of random people and asked if they’d ever been hypnotized, many of them would answer by saying “no!” And that would be an inaccurate answer. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. That’s right. If you were unable to hypnotize yourself, you could store nothing in your memory. If you could memorize nothing you could not stay alive.

As a spiritual being having a human experience, you regularly hypnotize yourself throughout your day. By doing this you can compare experiences and then information you’ve stored in your mind’s memory banks to keep making your own decisions. YOU are the one making decisions about how to behave. So it is YOU hypnotizing yourself regularly.

What are some examples where you express strong emotion and hypnotize yourself? A partial list includes when you relax, when you worry, when you feel fearful, angry, deep grief, sadness, happiness, encouragement, excitement, etc. Yes, all those emotions you express and feel are hypnotic mind states! See! Hypnosis is natural!

The American Psychological Association defines hypnotherapy as an interaction between a hypnotist and a willing participant. During this interaction, the hypnotist will suggest specific ideas you, the participant, the participant can choose to believe and accept as true for him or her. These suggestions are meant to cause a favorable change or response in behavior. Various clinical studies have proven that hypnosis can be very effective in improving a variety of conditions, if the participant so desires it to be.

Can You Hypnotize Yourself?

Because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis, if you want to hypnotize yourself, you can do it. When you choose to hypnotize yourself and suggest ideas to believe in, you add those ideas into your mind’s subconscious memory banks.  Then, when you make a choice again, you can also access that information you’ve already stored in your mind. You know you’ve hypnotized yourself and accessed specific memorized ideas by the way you behave after thinking those particular ideas.

By thinking according to your stored beliefs your body behaves in those ways associated with those specific thoughts. This is the real beauty of hypnotherapy. A trained hypnotist helps you change the way you understand unpleasant or self-limiting ideas. He or she suggests new ways of seeing these formed beliefs. Once you can accept new ideas, you change what was bothering you into empowering viewpoints that no longer bother you. When you can change habits holding you back in life, you then can move forward into a joyful future instead of being stuck in the old, self-sabotaging ways of thinking.

Now that you know more about what hypnosis is, you can decide if you want to experience it for yourself. Contact me for a free initial consultation. I’d love to help you be comfortable being the person you really want to be!