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Laurie Harris, CH is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, and Life Transformation Consultant.  She is dedicated to helping her clients achieve success by integrating mind, body, and spirit to design, create and live a more powerful and authentic life.



Hypnosis is a remarkable tool for helping you reach your personal goals and make positive changes in your life. Laurie uses hypnosis to assist her clients in addressing stress, sleep issues, smoking, depression, pain and more.

Life Transformational Consultant

The main purpose of a Transformational Life Coaching programs is not to take you by the hand and provide all the answers you need in order to improve your life. These programs aim at guiding you into finding the answers you seek so you can enjoy your discovery journey.

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Metaphysical Counseling

Explore the spiritual side of life with the help of a coach, you no longer feel angry, lost or alone. When you realize there is a BIGGER REALITY, you can learn to let go and have a richer life filled with many blessings and opportunities. For some this maybe a journey that you wish to explore with Laurie.

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Hypno-band Weight Loss

Laurie Harris is a Certified Hypno-Band practitioner. Using this specialized technique, combining hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, Laurie is able to help her clients achieve their ideal weight.

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